Which syllabus does Abedeen Academy offer?

Abedeen Academy offers both the government and Cambridge syllabus. Local students who study the government syllabus will sit for the UPSR examination at the age of 12, PT3 examination at the age of 15 and SPM examination at the age of 17.

Students (local and foreign) who opt for the Cambridge syllabus will sit for the IGCSE examination when they between the ages of 14-16. Students are allowed to take their chosen papers at different examination sessions, depending on their readiness to sit for the examination.

Can I get the yearly fee structure? (How much do courses cost?)

The fee is charged based on 1 full academic calendar instead of according to the course.
For a full academic year, the fees are as follows:
Primary School
Application & Assessment fee = RM200
Registration fee = RM1000
Enrollment fee = RM3470
Meals (optional) = RM2400

Secondary School
Application & Assessment fee = RM200
Registration fee = RM1000
Enrollment fee = RM3820
Meals (optional) =RM2400

As for the Tuition Fee, the students will enjoy a special rate:
Primary RM980 monthly
Secondary RM1080 monthly

Normal tuition rate for Primary is RM1280 monthly
and Secondary is RM1380 monthly

What about classroom learning?

Abedeen applies a unique learning system which stems from the belief that every child has the ability and talent to learn both on their own and with others, with guidance from their educators. Each educator at Abedeen sets up this clinic based on their subject of expertise. Students enroll in the clinics firstly, based on the level and secondly, based on their capability.

What does this mean?
A 12 year old would enroll in all the Year 6 classes. After much evaluation, should we find this 12 year old to excel exceptionally in a certain subject, we enroll her in 1 grade higher for that particular subject. At the same time, should we find that the 12 year old needs extra help with the subjects from a lower level, we enroll her in extra classes to revise and relearn the required subject.
We also believe that learning happens anywhere and classrooms and the school itself is a learning ground with multiple sources of information made available for the students.

What clinics are available at Abedeen?

Islamic Studies
Additional Mathematics
Bahasa Melayu

What are the end of the school qualification?

For students who choose to sit for the UPSR, PT3 and SPM examinations, they will graduate with the respective examinations’ certificate.
For students who choose to sit for the Cambridge examination, they will graduate with an IGCSE certification. With one of the certificates, graduates of Abedeen will be able to study A-Levels, foundation and any similar certification.

What do student achieve at Abedeen Academy?

The students can become better-rounded person with leadership traits, diversifying their experiences, and getting more of their education. They will love learning, and proficient in their chosen field of study. Will be ready for international environment, appreciate their heritage and well verse of the multi cultures. They are confident to be ahead at their tertiary education at top international or local colleges. Strong understanding of Islam and excellent reciters of Al Quran.

What age group does Abedeen Academy cater to?

Abedeen accepts students as early as the age of 5+ years old up to 17 years old.

How many students are they in each class?

Each class accommodates a maximum of 16 students. This is to ensure that every student gets equal attention and assistance from the educator. This number is also just nice for study groups and team assignments.

Which are the foreign languages taught at Abedeen Academy?

Arabic, Mandarin and German and we are looking forward to offer more world languages in the future.

Does the school provide transportation for the students?

The school does not provide transportation service but will help to arrange with the transportation provider

What type of food is available at the school cafeteria?

We serve a variety of food ranging from local cuisines to international cuisines. Their menu changes every day. We opt for healthy diet.