Key Personnels

Acting Principal

Iman Fairuza Rozhan completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Since her schooling days, she has been an active speaker with an in depth interest in the English language.

Her career began at RHB Bank first as a customer service agent and then as a team leader. Working as a Project Manager in CareerXcell Sdn Bhd, a recruitment agency, had her interviewing fresh graduates and preparing them for employment. Having discovered their poor command in English, she worked as an English trainer for 4 years, travelling Malaysia and Indonesia to build students’ confidence to speak in English. In this course of time, she has learned to understand the Y Generation in order to help them grasp worldwide knowledge for a promising future. 

Currently, she is an English teacher at Abedeen Academy where she is responsible in grooming students to becoming holistic individuals who are successful in academics and religious studies while polishing their leadership and soft skills. As the Assistant Principal, she plans and executes school programmes that will build the nation’s human capital. On weekends and at night, she does home tutoring. Iman believes that with understanding, comes love. She has chosen to take her valuable skills and knowledge, which have been lent to her by the Almighty, and share it with people regardless of age and size.

Assistant Principal/Teacher

Husaini or better known as Ustaz Husain completed his Degree of Islamic Studies from Universitas Islam Negri Syarif Hidayatullah in Jakarta, he came to Malaysia to further his Masters Degree in Qur’an And Sunnah at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). 

His teaching career began in Indonesia when he first taught Arabic at Madrasah Aliah Citra Cendikia and then at Nurul Fikri Islamic School Depok. Due to his profound mastery of both the English and Arabic language, he was an Interpreter for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia. While pursuing his Master’s Degree, he taught Arabic at Nabeela Arabic Learning Center in Klang. His experience and expertise in Arabic and Islamic studies caught the attention of ADNI Islamic School, where he taught before joining the teaching force of Abedeen Academy as the Islamic Studies and Arabic teacher.

Ustaz Husain has chosen teaching as the channel to educate the younger generation about going back to basics, which is to understand the teachings of Islam to live a fulfilling life. His approach involves learning and reviewing to ensure students understand what they learn. As the Assistant Principal of Abedeen Academy, he is also responsible in moulding student’s character by instilling values that will make our students successful people. Plan for the best, but expect the worse keeps Ustaz Husain on his toes to ensure the students are always learning and growing.


Risk taker Pearl Ezzaty Shobri graduated with a Bachelor Degree (Hons.) in Engineering Technology (Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding) from UniKL and she wasted no time in chasing her dreams to teach.

After spending 6 months in technical training as a trainee at PD Marine Services, she started lecturing at Ranaco Education and Training Institute, RETI and then at Armag Oil and Gas Academy, AOGA. She taught subjects related to maritime technology and electrical engineering. Apart from teaching, her administrative duties have exposed her to numerous coordinating events. She has the ability to work and bond with her studies, making them successful in both academics and co-curricular activities.  

Pearl believes that in order for a student to be successful, they must be instilled with the right values. In order to strike the iron while it is still hot, she made the decision to start teaching younger children. She started with being a nursery coordinator at Taska Zrin where she was then sent to attend a course on ‘Basic Reading for Bahasa Melayu’ in order to be able to teach children to master their mother tongue.

She is now the Bahasa Melayu teacher at Abedeen Academy. She envisions to nurther the students who believe that nothing is impossible.


Muhammad Faisal Ramli’s knack for math became evident when he obtained his Diploma in Engineering Technology in Ship Maintenance and Construction from University Kuala Lumpur (UniKL).

Before carving his path in teaching, Faisal was being trained as a supervisor at V3-Neie Engineering Sdn Bhd under the wing of a project surveyor. In that time, he also picked up the skill to writing reports and preparing tenders. As supervisor trainee, Faisal was exposed to handling and liaising with many different parties, both superiors and subordinates. Upon discovering his passion to leading people into discovering new knowledge, he worked as a Mathematics Tutor, teaching Calculus, in UniKL before joining Abedeen Academy as a Mathematics teacher to help the next generation actualise their potential in becoming the country’s inventors.

Curiosity leads to creativity. In his classroom, Faisal encourages his students to ask him questions to get their brain juices flowing, which will then bring out the best in them


Science runs in the blood and veins of Nurhazirah Mohamed Halmi. Her experience is conducting research and experiments began since she was 17 when she worked at a lab in Universiti Putra Malaysia and then at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Out of the love for science, for 1 year, Nurhazirah was a Science teacher at Kiddo Science before joining Abedeen Academy as a Science Teacher. She believes in leading by example to inspire her students. While remaining strict, Nurhazirah acts as a mentor and treats her students like her friends to get them to open up to learning. By gaining their trust, no topic is too difficult for them to understand and master. She uses her experience at the labs to share scientific issues to enhance the student’s understanding of science.

Watching her students light up when they understand the science of things keeps her going. With a firm belief that the knowledge of science will carve student’s problem solving skills, Nurhazirah moulds her students to be the thinkers of the future.


MA SHENGJIE (Fatimah Musa) is an authentic Muslim from China. She first came to Malaysia and study at Kolej University Insaniah (KUIN), Kedah. Having graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Usuluddin, she furthered her Masters Degree in Arabic Language at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

She began her career in teaching when she taught at Modern Arabic School of Louhe. For 1 year, she taught Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. Fatimah even coordinated the teacher and student exchange programme between teachers and students of KUIN & Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) and Islamic Academies and the Muslim community in Beijing, Yunnan, Guangzhou. In 2013, she was also awarded best trainee by Islamic Center Kuwait for excellent performance.

At Abedeen, Fatimah is teacher Mandarin, Arabic and Islamic Studies. She believes that a world leader must be equipped with worldly skills and mastering a third language is one of it. She is passionate about teaching students to understand multiple languages to give them access to borderless knowledge and information.


With the determination to change the perception of students towards learning the English language, Amril took up the challenge to join Abedeen as a platform to achieve his goals. Upon graduating with a Diploma in TESL from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) he went on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree graduate in Education (TESL) from Management and Science University (MSU). Amril believes that the acquisition and learning of English becomes easy when the students fall in love with the language. Upon obtaining his Degree in TESL, Amril worked as a replacement teacher at SMA-MAIWP. He was also an English tutor at RSC Tuition Centre. In April 2017, he was chosen as a facilitator for the Malaysian-Thailand English Camp, a one month camp organised by Al-Bukhary Foundation.

Amril plays a very active role in organizing community events that promote the love of the English language. In 2011, he spearheaded ‘A Weekend in English’ (A.W.I.E.) programme in Terengganu. In March 2017, he introduced ‘The Vocab Detectives’, a programme that focuses on the use of dictionary in ESL learning.

‘Learning English is like learning to ride a bicycle’. Amril uses this mantra to motivate his students to love learning English. Much like riding the bicycle, with practice, the speaking English becomes easy. As the English teacher at Abedeen, he aspires to develop and polish the students’ English proficiency.


The whole point of education is to learn to think for yourself. Spending four years studying in Bachelor of Education (Teaching English as Second Language) and minor in Moral Education from International Islamic University Malaysia, that is the teaching philosophy that Aqeela (insert full name) lives by. As an educator, she strongly believes students are much more than the marks on their academic result, and her aim is to ignite the spark in children that develop curiosity, creativity, imagination, confidence and most importantly an infinite love for lifetime learning.

During her study years, she actively participated in volunteering where she spent her weekends providing free tuition for Orang Asli. Apart from that, she took a part time jobs to teach at tuition centres after she finished her daily lectures, as part of an effort to polish her teaching skills. After graduating, she accepted a job offer from HSBC Bank for Bermuda country as Global Support Executive to broaden her horizon and seek experience in an international company. After a year, she reminisced the joy of seeing the gleam in children’s eyes when they understand the knowledge imparted to them, and made the decision to return to her passion for teaching.

Aqeela is now an English teacher at Abedeen, who strives to develop successful students who are always seeking to learn in this borderless world of knowledge.


Nur Nadhirah Zakaria believes that the experiences from small go a long a way to moulding and developing a person. Nadhirah was exposed to various educational backgrounds from schools in Salford, England and then grew up in an all girl's Convent school before going to a co-educational integrated boarding school in Malaysia. This exposure has brought up certain ideals, a distinct passion for words and a love for learning.

This Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry graduate puts no limit to her knowledge. During her years at Universiti Putra Malaysia, she was involved in performing music, theatre production, science conferences and on the side, she proofread journal papers and thesis.

Nadhirah firmly finds that it is key to be in a dynamic environment that can encourage the holistic development of oneself regardless the age, although the younger the better. We are never too young to know things and never too old to stop learning. Having grown with so many teachers who have helped her balance both her academics and social activities, she has joined Abedeen as the Biology and Chemistry teacher to inspire the next generation to become holistic, knowledgeable world leaders.


Administrative Executive

Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA, Khadijah Kamaruzzaman has always had a keen interest towards the arts and anything involves creativity. It has always been the most natural and easiest way for her to express herself.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts and Design, majoring in Interior Design from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). In 2013, she published a journal on Thermal Comfort Assessment of a Classroom in Tropical Climate Conditions for the WSEAS Conference held in Cambridge, MA, USA.

She then pursued her Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) from Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) with a dissertation on The Relationship between Intrinsic Motivation and Attitude towards Learning English among ESL Learners.

Currently she holds the position of Administrative Executive for Abedeen Academy and with two different educational backgrounds; this has equipped her with a few skill sets such as video editing and graphic design.

Finance Executive

Muhammad Hazwan Bin Mohd Ramli graduated with a Diploma in Accounting from MARA Professional College, Beranang. He was on the Dean's List of graduates for his outstanding academic achievement. His career as a Finance Executive started, by being an intern at Abedeen. His technical skills, commitment, hard work and passion earned him a permanent position at the school.

‘We learn from failure, not from successes-Bram Stoker, This is the quote that Hazwan always holds on to as one of his life principles. He always tries something new and fulfills his commitments with determination and passion. He embraces difficulties and faces obstacles in order to achieve his goals and dreams, and to be rewarded in the hereafter.