Orientation & Assessment


  1. Humble, trust and respect each other.
  2. Every member (student/teacher/staff/parents) is expected to be highly
  3. Promotes learning, not teaching. Teachers support the students individually to enrich their learning experience.
  4. Focuses on problem solving, thinking ability, being responsible and cooperation.
  5. Students are given the opportunity to achieve proficiency in the academic subject at their own pace without competing between each other. No race or student is left behind.
  6. Encourages students to follow their passion towards achieving their own dream.
  7. Teachers are mentors to the students. They are respected and given opportunities for professional development.
  8. Students are given a 10 minute break after each period of class to ensure they get enough rest and recharges before they continue with the next subject.
  9. Parents are supportive and cooperative.


Every family that shares the same vision and mission are welcome to join Abedeen. However to ensure the parents and students commitment towards achieving the goals, assessment will conducted to student as well as to the parents.

Priority is given to students who love learning and parents who are willing to support the learning experience of their children and participate in school activities.

Abedeen will place students in the class according to the age first and next according to their intellectual.

Orientation & Assessment