Abedeen Secondary School

Welcome to Abedeen Secondary School

We are a private secondary school that imbues Islamic values with the National KSSM and Cambridge syllabus. As an international Islamic school, each primary student is nurtured to fulfill their potential through questioning and solving problems, key components to encouraging them to love learning. Every student is given a support system to enrich their learning experience.

Their academic achievement is supported by in depth Islamic education to create positive values within them. Time management, self discipline, taking responsibility over own action, are just some of the values built in these aspiring world leaders. By the time they graduate from Abedeen, they are ready for the challenges and adversity of the real world.

At Abedeen Academy, students to excel, they give speeches and sharing stories every week, during assembly and in class. Their build self belief by learning about scholars and successful people around the world.

Students learn in a modern, safe, healthy and intellectually stimulationg learning climate that offers a variety of activities. Children respond differently to learning, and these activities encourages students to follow their passion towards achieving their own dream.

Abedeen Secondary School