Why Abedeen
  1. Clear vision and mission to develop world class leaders.
  2. Futuristic education within shared heritage and a deep understanding of Islamic religion and values.
  3. Curriculum aligned with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia and Cambridge examinations
  4. Passion for excellence. High performance and standards within a supportive and caring environment.
  5. Education beyond the school’s borders. Expands to the local community, the country and the world.
  6. Intercultural readiness and diversity appreciation.
  7. Modern school, safe, healthy and intellectually stimulating with a dynamic learning climate.
  8. Expert teachers with continuous professional development.
  9. Personalised and small learning group increasing student’s engagement with teachers.
  10. Active family and community involvement.
  11. Located in Putrajaya-Cyberjaya, a perfect blend of beautiful cities and world class environment to inspire future leaders.
  12. Effective and charismatic leadership.
  13. The best value for money fees.
  14. Exposure to a variety of science and art disciplines.
  15. Students feel welcomed within a warm and caring environment.